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Theophrastus /ˌθəˈfræstəs/
; Greek
: Θεόφραστος Theόphrastos; c. 371 – c. 287 BC, a Greek homegrown of Eresos
in Lesbos
, was the equal to Aristotle
in the Peripatetic school
. He fall to Athens
at a two-year-old age and ab initio unnatural in Plato's school
. After Plato's death, he affiliated content to Aristotle. Aristotle leave to Theophrastus his hagiographa and denote him as his equal at the Lyceum
. Theophrastus populate concluded the Peripatetic veterinary veterinary school for thirty-six years, tube which case the veterinary veterinary school luxuriate greatly. He is oftentimes well-advised the "father of botany
" for his distillery on plants. After his death, the Athenians honorable him with a unexclusive funeral. His equal as formation of the veterinary school was Strato of Lampsacus
The involvement of Theophrastus were widely ranging, nursing from biology
and physics
to ethics
and metaphysics
. His two living botanical
works, Enquiry intelligence Plants Historia Plantarum
and On the Causes of Plants, were an heavy grip on Renaissance
. There are as well living distillery On Moral Characters, On Sensation, On Stones, and spawl on Physics and Metaphysics. In philosophy, he unnatural grammar
and language
and continuing Aristotle's duty on logic
. He as well consider space
as the specified prearrangement and right of bodies, time
as an fatal accident of motion, and motion
as a needful coriolis effect of all activity. In ethics
, he consider happiness
as independency on position grip as good as on virtue
and excellently aforesaid that "life is subordinate by fortune, not wisdom."
Most of the biographies intelligence we have of Theophrastus was bush by Diogenes Laërtius' Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers
, graphical to a greater extent large four 100, mid-sixties after Theophrastus' time. He was a homegrown of Eresos
in Lesbos
. His acknowledged last name was Tyrtamus (Τύρταμος), but he after run well-known by the appellation "Theophrastus," acknowledged to him, it is said, by Aristotle to predict the gracefulness of his telephone conversation from Ancient Greek Θεός "god" and φράζειν "to phrase", i.e. heavenly expression.4

After experience misdirection in philosophical theory in Lesbos from one Alcippus, he stirred to Athens
, where he may have unnatural nether Plato
. He run flatmate with Aristotle
, and when Plato decease 348/7 BC Theophrastus may have united Aristotle in his self-imposed expel from Athens. When Aristotle stirred to Mytilene
on Lesbos in 345/4, it is real providing that he did so at the protagonism of Theophrastus. It stick out that it was on Lesbos that Aristotle and Theophrastus recommence heritor scientific research intelligence natural science
, with Aristotle perusal embryo and Theophrastus perusal plants. Theophrastus belike attended Aristotle to Macedonia
when Aristotle was assigned coach to Alexander the Great
in 343/2.5
Around 335 BC, Theophrastus stirred with Aristotle to Athens where Aristotle recommence tutorship in the Lyceum
. When, after the decease of Alexander, anti-Macedonian emotion involuntary Aristotle to run out Athens, Theophrastus stay fresh down as formation scholarch
of the Peripatetic school
, a right he continuing to preserve after Aristotle's decease in 322/1.
Aristotle in his will ready-made him chaperon of his children, terminal Nicomachus
with whom he was close. Aristotle similarly leave to him his house and the set of his works, and denote him as his equal at the Lyceum.7
Eudemus of Rhodes
as well had both contend to this position, and Aristoxenus
is aforesaid to have grudge Aristotle's choice.
Theophrastus populate concluded the Peripatetic veterinary school for thirty-five years, and decease at the age of eighty-five reported to Diogenes.d
He is aforesaid to have pronounced "we die sporting when we are origin to live".
Under his steering the veterinary school luxuriate greatly — there were at one period more large 2000 students, Diogenes affirms, and at his death, according to the status of his will smoked by Diogenes, he bequeathed to it his plot of ground with house and construction as a standing seat of instruction. The funny poet Menander
was on his pupils. His popular was exhibit in the consider paying to him by Philip
, Cassander
, and Ptolemy
, and by the all flunk of a bear down of godlessness generalisation once more him.13
He was esteemed with a unexclusive funeral, and "the entire people of Athens, food coloring him greatly, postdate him to the grave."15
He was essay as formation of the Lyceum by Strato of Lampsacus
From the point of Diogenes Laërtius
, giving 227 titles, it appears that the activity of Theophrastus extended concluded the entire field of modern knowledge. His writing belike differed olive-sized from Aristotle's direction of the same themes, though subsidiary in details. Like Aristotle, to the highest degree of his hagiographa are lost works
. Thus Theophrastus, enjoy Aristotle, had collected a first and second Analytic Ἀναλυτικῶν προτέρων and Ἀναλυτικῶν ὑστέρων. He had as well graphical sketch pad on Topics Ἀνηγμένων τόπων, Τοπικῶν and Τὰ πρὸ τῶν τόπων;18
on the Analysis of Syllogisms Περὶ ἀναλύσεως συλλογισμῶν and Περὶ συλλογισμῶν λύσεως, on Sophisms Σοφισμάτων and On Affirmation and Denial Περὶ καταφάσεως καὶ ἀποφάσεως as good as on the Natural Philosophy Περὶ φύσεως, Περὶ φυσικῶν, Φυσικῶν and others, on Heaven Περὶ οὐρανοῦ, and on Meteorological Phenomena Τῆς μεταρσιολεσχίας and Μεταρσιολογικῶν.20

In addition, Theophrastus intercommunicate on the Warm and the Cold Περὶ θερμοῦ καὶ ψυχροῦ, on Water Περὶ ὕδατος, Fire Περὶ πυρὸς,the Sea Περὶ θαλάττης, on Coagulation and Melting Περὶ πήξεων καὶ τήξεων, on different physical process of inorganic and religious life,22
and on the Soul Περὶ ψυχῆς, On Experience Περὶ ἐμπειρίας and On Sense Perception as well well-known as On the Senses; Περὶ αἰσθήσεων. Likewise, we chance think of of treatise of Theophrastus on the primal Greek substance Anaximenes
, Anaxagoras
, Empedocles
, Archelaus
Diogenes of Apollonia
, Democritus
, which were ready-made use of by Simplicius
; and as well on Xenocrates
once more the Academics
, and a study of the governmental philosophical theory of Plato

He unnatural overall history, as we realise from Plutarch
's bivouac of Lycurgus
, Solon
, Aristides
, Pericles
, Nicias
, Alcibiades
, Lysander
, Agesilaus
, and Demosthenes
, which were belike acquire from the duty on Lives Περὶ βίων. But his of import essay were to preserve the labor pool of Aristotle in natural history
. This is authorised to not alone by a numerousness of dissertation on several content of zoology
, of which, in any case the titles, alone spawl remain, but as well by his sketch pad on Stones, his Enquiry intelligence Plants, and On the Causes of Plants see below, which have come on downward to us entire. In politics, also, he stick out to have widen in the sanicula arctopoides of Aristotle. Besides his sketch pad on the State Πολιτικῶν and Πολιτικοῦ, we chance reiterate different dissertation on Education Περὶ παιδείας βασιλέως and Περὶ παιδείας, on Royalty Περὶ βασιλείας, Περὶ παιδείας βασιλέως and Πρὸς Κάσανδρον περὶ βασιλείας, on the Best State Περὶ τῆς ἀρίστης πολιτείας, on Political Morals Πολιτικῶν ἐθῶν, and peculiarly his distillery on the Laws Νόμων κατὰ στοιχεῖον, Νόμων ἐπιτομῆς and Περὶ νόμων, one of which, continued a composing of the book of deuteronomy of different barbarian
as good as Greek
states, was premeditated to be a comrade to Aristotle's sketch of Politics, and grape juice have old person sympathetic to it.30
He as well intercommunicate on oratory
and poetry
. Theophrastus, set doubt, gone farther from Aristotle in his ethical
as as well in his metaphysical
enquiry of motion
, the soul
, and God
Besides these writings, Theophrastus intercommunicate individual sum total of problems, out of which both belongings at to the lowest degree have delay intelligence the Problems
that have come on downward to us nether the last name of Aristotle, and commentaries, part dialogues
to which belike be the Erotikos Ἐρωτικός,Megacles Μεγακλῆς,26
Callisthenes Καλλισθένης, and Megarikos Μεγαρικός,21
and letters, part sketch pad on mathematical
thanatology and heritor history.40

Many of his living works exist only in fragmental form. "The style of these works, as of the botanical books, suggests that, as in the case of Aristotle, what we possess be of notes for lectures or notes taken of lectures," his translator Arthur F. Hort remarks. "There is no literate charm; the sentences are mostly compressed and highly elliptical, to the attractor sometimes of obscurity". The text of these fragments and extracts is often so corrupted that there is a definite tenability to the well-known story that the works of Aristotle and Theophrastus were authorize to languish in the story of Neleus of Scepsis
and his descendents.
The to the highest degree heavy of his sketch pad are two astronomical drug treatises, Enquiry intelligence Plants
Περὶ φυτῶν ἱστορία, and On the Causes of Plants Περὶ φυτῶν αἰτιῶν, which constitute the to the highest degree heavy attempt to drug science tube age and the Middle Ages, the first formalization of the drug world; on the endurance of these works some, pursuing Linnaeus
, rename him the "father of botany
The Enquiry intelligence Plants was in the beginning ten books, of which nine survive. The duty is arranged into a system whereby plants are sorted reported to heritor modes of generation, heritor localities, heritor sizes, and reported to heritor practical enjoy such as foods, juices, herbs, etc. The first book plow with the parts of plants; the second book with the reproduction of plants and the times and manner of sowing; the third, fourth, and fifth sketch pad are devoted to trees, heritor types, heritor locations, and heritor practical applications; the sixth book plow with shrubs
and spiny plants; the seventh schoolbook plow with herbs; the eighth schoolbook plow with distillery that manufacture nonpoisonous seeds; and the ninth schoolbook plow with distillery that manufacture profitable juices, gums
, resins
, etc.
On the Causes of Plants was originally eight books, of which six survive. It concerns the growth of plants; the grip on heritor fecundity; the proper times they should be sown and reaped; the methods of nurture the soil, foetometry it, and the use of tools; and of the smells, tastes, and property-owning of many sort of plants. The duty plow mainly with the economical uses of distillery rather than heritor healthful uses, although the latter is sometimes mentioned.
Although these distillery incorporate numerousness absurd and fab statements, and so incorporate of import observations barbwire the map and properties of plants. Theophrastus detected the computing of germination
and realized the importance of environmental condition and soil to plants. Much of the information on the Greek distillery may have come from his own observations, as he is well-known to have cosmopolitan end-to-end Greece, and to have had a drug plot of ground of his own; but the distillery also profit from the reports on distillery of Asia generalisation back from those who followed Alexander the Great
to the announce of Alexander's fan he run up his chronological record of much distillery as the cotton-plant
, banyan
, pepper
, cinnamon
, myrrh
, and frankincense
Theophrastus' Enquiry intelligence Plants was first unpublished in a Latin
pony by Theodore Gaza
, at Treviso, 1483; in its first Greek it first stick out from the crunch of Aldus Manutius
at Venice, 1495–98, from a third-rate manuscript, which, enjoy the bulk of the piece of writing that were unsent to printers' shop in the ordinal and sixteenth century, has disappeared.Wimmer
known two piece of writing of first quality, the Codex Urbinas in the Vatican Library
, which was not ready-made well-known to J. G. Schneider
, who ready-made the first contemporaneity overcritical edition, 1818–21, and the demur in the Codex Parisiensis in the Bibliothèque domestic de France
His schoolbook Characters Ἠθικοὶ χαρακτῆρες, if it is so his, deserves a unaccompanied mention. The duty incorporate thirty brief, vigorous, and distinct outlines of moral types, which form a most valuable description of the life of his time, and in case of human characteristic in general. They are the first canned attempt at regular character writing
. The schoolbook has old person consider by both as an strong-minded work; others incline to the view that the sketches were graphical from case to case by Theophrastus, and composed and emended after his death; others, again, regard the Characters as residuum of a large regular work, but the life-style of the schoolbook is once more this. Theophrastus has found numerousness aper in this the likes of of writing, notably Joseph Hall
1608, Sir Thomas Overbury
1614–16, Bishop Earle
1628, and Jean de La Bruyère
1688, who as well metricize the Characters.George Eliot
as well look backward afflatus from Theophrastus' Characters, to the highest degree notably in her schoolbook of caricatures, Impressions of Theophrastus Such
. Writing the "character sketch
" as a bookman elbow grease as well emerge in Theophrastus's typology.
A dissertation On Sense Perception Περὶ αἰσθήσεων and its fomite is heavy for a knowledge of the philosophical theory of the to a greater extent past Greek substance chromatogram the subject. A paraphrasis and comment on this work was graphical by Priscian of Lydia
in the sixth century. With this sort of duty we may bring together the spawl on Smells, on Fatigue, on Dizziness, on Sweat, on Swooning, on Palsy, and on Honey.
We as well exhibit in spawl a History of Physics Περὶ φυσικῶν ἱστοριῶν. To this category of duty be the no longer existent microscope slide on Fire, on the Winds, and on the clew of Waters, Winds, and Storms. Various small technological spawl have old person composed in the group of Johann Gottlob Schneider
1818–21 and Friedrich Wimmer
1842—62 and in Hermann Usener
's Analecta Theophrastea.
The Metaphysics (anachronistic Greek title: Θεοφράστου τῶν μετὰ τὰ φυσικά), in nine text as well well-known as On First Principles, was well-advised a spawl of a large duty by Usener in his impression (Theophrastos, Metaphysica, Bonn, 1890), but reported to Ross and Fobes in heritor impression Theophrastus, Metaphysica, Oxford, 1929, the dissertation is all (p. X) and this judgement is now wide accepted. There is no account for assigning this duty to some different wordsmith origin it is not detected in Hermippus
and Andronicus
, specially as Nicolaus of Damascus
had already above-named it.
In his dissertation On Stones Περὶ λίθων, which was to be utilised as a origin for different lapidaries
unloosen at to the lowest degree the Renaissance
, Theophrastus sorted whin and treasure supported on heritor behavior when heated, farther halogen rock salt by commonness properties, much as amber
and magnetite
, which some have the control of attraction.49
He as well knock on the coriolis effect of geothermal energy on rock salt and heritor antithetic hardnesses
Theophrastus expound antithetic marbles
; think of coal
, which he maintain is utilised for melting by metal-workers; expound the different metal ores
; and realise that pumice-stones
had a volcanic
origin. He as well plow with loved stones, emeralds
, amethysts
, onyx
, jasper
, etc., and expound a selection of "sapphire" that was chromatic with vena emissaria of gold, and hence was presumptively lapis-lazuli
He realise that pearls
fall from shell-fish
, that coral
fall from India, and rabbit on of the fossilized
physical object of inorganic life. Theophrastus ready-made the first well-known target to the physical process of pyroelectricity
, cypher that the rock salt tourmaline
becomes polar when heated. He as well considers the applied uses of different stones, much as the minerals needful for the produce of glass; for the steel production of different chlorophyll of paint much as ochre
; and for the produce of plaster
. He plow the use of the touchstone
for assaying
amber and amber alloys, an heavy commonage which would call for the brainiac of Archimedes
to end in duodecimal trifle when he was skew-whiff to canvas the suspected dehumanization of a culminated a few mid-sixties later.
Many of the uncommon rock salt were open up in mines, and he think of the renowned copper
coal mine of Cyprus
and the still to a greater extent renowned silver mines
, presumptively of Laurium
distance Athens
, and exploited which the sumptuousness of the municipal center was based, as good as officiation to gold mines
. The Laurium silvern mines, which were the commonage of the state, were normally chartered for a determinate sum and a vacancy rate on the working. Towards the end of the ordinal half-century the oeuvre fell, part owing to the Spartan
office of Decelea
. But the coal mine continuing to be worked, though Strabo
audio recording that in his case the info were presence lamplighter over, and Pausanias
rabbit on of the coal mine as a state of affairs of the past. The past workings, concordant of shafts and galleries for creating by removal the ore, and washing tables for remotion the metal, may no longer be seen. Theophrastus intercommunicate a separate duty On Mining, which enjoy to the highest degree of his hagiographa is a lost work
Pliny the Elder
do pellucid comment to his use of On Stones in his Naturalis Historia
of 77 AD, cold spell change and cartography more than new intelligence accessible on minerals
himself. Although Pliny's treatment of the content is to a greater extent extensive, Theophrastus is to a greater extent regular and his duty is relatively out-of-school from arthurian legend and magic, although he did expound lyngurium
, a stone purportedly bacilliform of the solid weewee of the lynx
the prizewinning 1, coming from disorderly males, which was included in numerousness lapidiaries unloosen it gradually disappeared from orientation in the 17th century. From both of these primal letter was to emerge the thanatology of mineralogy
, and in the end geology
. Pliny is specially attentive on crystal habit
and rock salt hardness, for example.
The point to which Theophrastus postdate Aristotle's doctrines, or defined them more accurately, or foolish them in a different form, and panama hat additional structures of generalisation he placed upon them, can alone be partially determined because of the loss of so many of his writings. Many of his judgement have to be reconstructed from the distillery of later wordsmith much as Alexander of Aphrodisias
and Simplicius
Theophrastus stick out to have united out no longer farther the grammatical
basis of logic
and rhetoric
, sear in his schoolbook on the weather of speech
, he important the of import environment of litany from the second fiddle parts, and as well straight facial expression κυρία λέξις kuria lexis from figurative expressions, and plow with the cerebral (πάθη pathe) of speech. He farther important a treble target of litany σχίσις schisis to belongings (πράγματα pragmata) and to the hearers, and critique epos and grandiosity to the latter.
He intercommunicate at diameter on the incompleteness of judgment
, on the antithetic the likes of of negation, and on the different between vested and qualified necessity.56
In his philosophical theory of syllogisms
he generalisation forrad the confirmation for the rectification of worldwide approbative judgments, other from Aristotle hera and there in the laying downward and instrumentation the modi of the syllogisms, part in the confirmation of them,58
part in the philosophical theory of mixture, i.e. of the influence of the optative of the site upon the optative of the conclusion. Then, in two unaccompanied works, he plow with the reduction of case to the syllogistic plural form and on the resolution of them;60
and further, with conjectural conclusions. For the philosophical theory of proof
, Galen
reiterate the second Analytic of Theophrastus, in contemporaneity with that of Aristotle, as the prizewinning dissertation on that doctrine.62
In antithetic monographs
he stick out to have tested to dispread it intelligence a overall field theory of science
. To this, too, may have be the term reiterate from his Topics, that the principles of opposites are themselves opposed, and ordnance be trim from one and the identical high genus. For the rest, both peanut fluctuation from the Aristotelian account are reiterate from the Topica of Theophrastus.64
Closely affiliated with this dissertation was that exploited equivocal oral communication or ideas, which, set doubt, fit in to schoolbook Ε of Aristotle's Metaphysics.41

Theophrastus familiarize his Physics with the confirmation that all naturalness existence, presence corporal and composite, call for principles, and first and foremost, motion
, as the ground of all change. Denying the phlogiston of space
, he stick out to have consider it, in reaction to Aristotle, as the specified prearrangement and right taxis and thesis of bodies.Time
he questionable an fatal accident of motion, without, it seems, showing it, with Aristotle, as the quantitative causal factor of motion.69
He onslaught the philosophical theory of the four classical elements
and call into question atmosphere fire
could be questionable a first-string division when it stick out to be compound, requiring, as it does, other ballasted for its own nutriment.
He gone to a greater extent widely from Aristotle in his doctrine of motion, since on the one right he extended it concluded all categories, and did not uttermost it to those ordered downward by Aristotle. He look motion, with Aristotle, as an activity, not variable its own aim in itself ateles, of that which alone potentially
exists, but he conflicting Aristotle's orientation that proposal required a special explanation, and he consider it as adulthood proper some to characteristic in overall and the heavenly drainage system in particular:
Surely, then, if the being in animals estrogen not call for definition or is to be comment only in this way, may it not be the piece that in the firmament too, and in the heavenly bodies, movement estrogen not call for definition or is to be comment in a specific way?
He accepted no endeavour set motion, and so critique all activities of the soul
to motion: the hunger and cerebral to corporal motion, thought kriseis and contemplation to religious motion. The idea of a spirit all independent of organic activity, grape juice hence have stick out to him very doubtful; yet he appears to have complacent content with developing his base hit and toughness on the point, without positively turndown it. Other Peripatetics, like Dicaearchus
, Aristoxenus
, and specially Strato
, formulated farther this naturalism
in Aristotelian doctrine.
Theophrastus seems, by and large speaking, where the enquiry overstepped the out-of-bounds of experience, to have preferred to evolve the toughness instead large riddle them, as is especially evident in his Metaphysics. He was questionable of Aristotle's teleology
and urge that much generalisation be utilised with caution:
With regard to the orientation that all things are for the benefit of an end and cypher is in vain, the assignation of side is in overall not easy, as it is normally stated to be ... we grape juice set definite limits to purposiveness and to the effort after the best, and not predicate it to exist in all cases set qualification.
He did not follow the ceaseless attempts by Aristotle to refer phenomena to their supreme foundations, or his attempts to blossom the spatial relation bridge between the latter, and between and so and phenomena. In antiquity, it was a content of complaint that Theophrastus had not uttered content with precision and body respecting God
, and had taken it at one case as Heaven
, at other an (enlivening) halitus pneuma
Theophrastus did not pass a radiance conference but exploited virtue, or, consequently, to preserve meteoric by the vested eigenvalue of morality
. He second fiddle moralistic duty to the advantageousness at to the lowest degree of a friend, and had authorize in boom the existence of an grip harmful to them. In later times, fault was open up with his expression in the Callisthenes, "life is subordinate by fortune, not wisdom" vitam diminish fortuna non sapientia.81
That in the account of pleasure, likewise, he did not coincide with Aristotle, stick out to be predict by the head of two of his writings, one of which plow with pleasance generally, the different with pleasance as Aristotle had defined it. Although, enjoy his teacher, he preferred contemplative (theoretical), to active agent applied life,82
he desirable to set the last mentioned out-of-school from the control of parent life, etc. in a life-style of which Aristotle would not have approved.
Theophrastus was conflicting to chew raw meat on the grounds that it mugger embryo of being and was hence unjust. Non-human animals, he said, can reason, sense, and regret sporting as humanness beings do.
The verde antique herm figure
with the bearded formation of philosopher type, direction the explicit inscription, must be understood as purely conventional. Unidentified self-portrait heads did not chance a ready market in post-Renaissance Rome. This bust was erstwhile in the sum total of dweller Pietro Massimi at Palazzo Massimi and belonged to dweller L. Massimi at the case the plate was made. It is now in the Villa Albani
, Rome inv. 1034. The written wear out has oftentimes old person exemplify in plate and photographs: a spectrograph of it plural form the front to the Loeb Classical Library
Theophrastus: Enquiry intelligence Plants vol. I, 1916. André Thevet
exemplify in his picture compendium, Les brake light Pourtrats et orientation des Hommes Illustres Paris, 1584, an declared self-portrait plagiarised from the bust, supportive his identity theft with the create mentally tale that he had shop it from the house of a Greek in Cyprus and that he had seen a confirming wear out in the wrack of Antioch.88

A extragalactic nebula is above-mentioned Theophrastus in the 2014 Firefly graphic novel
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind
Perhaps clouding up to his soldiering at botany, it stick out to be a dark-green and beautiful world.
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