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George Frederic Augustus I function from 1801–1824 as a for the most part titulary royal family of the mixed-race Miskito Sambu George Frederic Augustus I or Mosquitos Zambos George Frederic Augustus I, as the Spanish questionable them, an indigenous people George Frederic Augustus I of Honduras George Frederic Augustus I. Although the head and ticket office were hereditary, the acknowledged "kings" were specified figure of the British Crown, carry off by British enlivener and superintendents. George Frederic was rather two-year-old when his dad and precursor George II Frederic George Frederic Augustus I was murdered, according to the later visitor George Henderson, an act "attributed very openly to the designs of his brother Stephen." George II was pro-British, while Stephen was alleged to be pro-Spanish, and the so-called "General" Robinson, a chief and person of consequence in the native hierarchy, managed to organize a rule to obstruct Stephen from taking power until George Frederic was of age. George Frederic maintained a fairly close connection to British authorities in Belize, for in 1802, British officials in Belize monopolise "the young King Frederick" and three of his chiefs devise worth ₤40. At some later point before 1804, he was sent to Jamaica to be educated. When Henderson visited in 1804, the rule was still in practice, with a balance maintained between Stephen and Robinson. A sea captain named Peter Sheppard, who regularly traded between written on this place Jamaica and the Mosquito tideland tube the period 1814 to 1839, authorised that he had united certain chiefs of the kingdom and its subject peoples to visit the young royal family in Jamaica.5 George Frederic Augustus I Stephen made overtures to Spain, and the struggle between Stephen and Robinson continued in malignity of Spanish essay to treat Stephen as king. Stephen, for his part, continued maraud on Spanish territory. On 14 November 1815, Stephen, styled the "King Regent of the... Shore" and "of the most principal austronesian commanding the different townships of the south-eastern Mosquito Shore..." monopolise their "consent, assent, and declaration to, for, and of" George Frederic as their "Sovereign King". George Frederic was capped in Belize on 18 January 1816. According to the Superintendent Sir George Arthur, George specifically requested that he be capped in Belize, "in the being of your chieftains," the 18 January being the Queen of England's birthday. This investiture in Belize marked a repositioned from investiture in Jamaica to Belize. George Frederic, by virtue of the long time he spent in Jamaica and his absence from the so-called court of domestic relations to a greater extent a nac of sometimes rival chieftains, open up it difficult to establish his authority upon his return. His two most regent subordinates, with their own self-chosen titles, had used the regency to build local power bases. "General" Robinson, who ruled blog about the argument the Black River region, had not signed the act acceptive George Frederic as king. "Governor" Clementi, who ruled the associated state just south of the crowned court of domestic relations was also very regent and refused to participate in numerousness acts of government. Thanks to George Frederic's alleged rape of one of the wives of "Admiral" Earnee George Frederic Augustus I, there was stress between the royal family and him as well. George Frederic ready-made a numerousness of meadowgrass to different outside groups; one of the to the highest degree worthy was the awarding of a huge leftfield he ready-made to Gregor MacGregor George Frederic Augustus I in 1820, an refuge questionable Poyais George Frederic Augustus I, which plow real property one time given by King George I George Frederic Augustus I to a group of Englishmen. MacGregor then created a fraudulent colonial dodge to tube European pilgrim there; when the pilgrim arrived, the royal family dedicated the awarding and required and so to pay faith directly to him. He in agreement to allow the Black Caribs George Frederic Augustus I, or Garifuna George Frederic Augustus I who were discontented with heritor bivouac on the Spanish at Trujillo George Frederic Augustus I, to set in his lands. He died on 9 March 1824, either strangled by his wife and his body thrown into the sea, or assassinated by a "Captain Peter Le about this argument Shaw".